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Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2019, 07:41
by Cammy
I saw everyone else making a diary and thought WHY NOT. Warning there might be some CURSED IMAGES so don’t tell me i didn’t warn you XD.

Ill be telling how my day went on lady popular and what not so yeah. I hope you like it :D

Today on one of the chat rooms called let’s have fun a person named bella 123456789 caled my friends lacie a female dog (i’m not gonna put the real word because i don’t want to get banned) then backed odf like she was kidding. Lacie said i backed her off and i guess i did by telling her to have fun once a moderater find out. (See the word play i did there XD) i also tryed the shining armor event and i still can’t get past the pink and green on the third level ;-;

Thats about it. Hope it wasn’t to boring but can someone talk to bella plz. A moderater

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2019, 09:07
by Amethist
Wow, someone should mute her. Or better yet, ban her.

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2019, 03:32
by Cammy
I agree amethist

Today i joined star house (I’m not trying to promote but i’m am putting it out there) i also bought something from the new store that was in my budget... but once i actually went to go wear it i found out i didn’t like it. And i still can’t get past level 3 in the shining armor event <_<. Wait... as anyone else notice that shining armor is a mlp (my little pony) name? I rember watching that in my childhood.

Oh and this is going to be a thing... every friday im gonna put up a CURSED IMAGE.

Here’s the cursed image of the week folks

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 20 Jan 2019, 23:11
by Cammy
I would like to say thanks to all these people for beynice to me and helping me. So yeah if you see your name SUP. There’s not going to ge any reason why its there but mostly because you helped me or you are a friend to me

Lacie loves kookie,
OOF (yes there is someone named oof in this game)
Natsuki ayato,
And thats about it.

Not much has happened. Um i hope yall have a great weekend and have fun. Also plz help me find more YouTubers that don’t cuss. I’m board at home and the people i watch get boring after a while because you already watch most of there vids

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2019, 18:30
by Cammy
Why does it happen when ever i decided to tell people about my life nothing ever HAPPENS XD
I finally got a profile pic tho. All i had to do was go to bing click the filter thing and than click small and i got a small enough picture for my avatar.

Anyways nothing exciting has really happened. They are no longer doing the shining armor event. That was really hard. But today i learnd something. I learned that you can actually name your cars in lady popular XD. This game is amazing.

Anyways sorry that not much is happening but sometimes i will dip into my life at home without giving to much info

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2019, 07:18
by Cammy
I’M BACK AGAIN. i will not be posting a lot because i am in school i have homework and i also need to watch my sister i have chores and i dog i need to walk about every hour. So i get busy

Anyways i just want to say that i am bisexual. This is something i am open about and i pretty much tell everyone. I know some people are un comfortable about this topic but i am just telling you guys.

I hope yall have a great day and take a little advice. Don’t be mean to people just because they choose a life choice that you don’t like. Being a bully/ cyber bully could really change someone’s life

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 05:32
by Cammy
One of my best friends is a artist and she saw some of my OCs and she asked if she could draw them her way. I let here and she gave me one of them that she finished here a comparison of mine and heres.



Hers is better than mine but that’s because she’s way more experienced than me. Funny story my friend keeps saying that dania looks like a sock. And no i did not make a spelling error. My OCs bame is dania. It originally sounded like dana because i made dania as 4th grader and really didn’t care how to spell names so yeah. Anyways hope you like it :lol:

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2019, 04:11
by Cammy
I forgot about cursed image of the week. Luckily the week isn’t over

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2019, 05:43
by Cammy
School can be fun and also can be boring. Now i’m not trying to say i hate school for the most of it i like to be at school but subjects like math just OOF. I know some of you don’t have to go to school anymore or is really good at school but i just wanted to bring it up i also just relised there a row in this thing that just says school XD

I’m sorry i don’t do much on this diary thing but nothing really happens. I did find these things called lol thats me post. There funny and you should check them out

Have great day yall

Re: Cammy diary of wonder :D

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2019, 17:59
by Cammy
What up. It’s Friday again and i DID NOT forget. Here is the cursed image of the week.


Link for gio films is here:

Yall have a great day. Spread a little kindness because if someone is having a bad day i bet you can help. And don’t break your leg.