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Tigerlily's Corner of Random Thoughts and Musings

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2018, 08:49
by Tigerlily
So, I have created my own personal space at this forum. And a public one at that. This feels remarkable considering I have never kept a diary. Never. Ever. In my life. :)

It must be remarked I did try to start one a few times as a young girl. But the thought of keeping private records of my life, even to myself, remained alien to me. Even though both my teachers and parents said I had good writing skills.

Why? Mostly because I was - and still am - introverted, thoughtful and mostly a silent observer, so I felt the things happening to me were only relevant to myself. I was shy, quiet and withdrawn, struggling with self esteem issues, never hanging out much with friends although I had a few of my peers I was close with, mostly at school. But most of the time I kept to myself, preferring to read a book or roam in nature, usually on a bike. I can also say my closest friends were the birds and the trees and the nearby lake because I shared a lot of my time with them. :)

I did have my intense private moments as I was acutely aware of the world around me but those private blisses, low points or struggles remained inside and I felt that if I put them into words, that would maybe kill their intensity. I felt like this well into my adult years.

So why, after all this, did I start this diary?

Well, mostly because of the fact that as I have matured, and especially in the recent years, I feel there are a lot of things I have left unsaid that I had better share. I feel the need to comment on various things seriously or humorously, or simply make a confession that may also seem relevant to others. I have become more confident in myself and others as well, so I am more at ease sharing private thoughts and observations. And here at LP, I feel I can be myself without being judged, because this was my chief concern for many years. I find here a friendly atmosphere, have made quite a few friends and feel like being valued.

Maybe I won't be posting too often but now I made the first step I might be tempted to do otherwise.:) In any case, thank you for dropping by occasionally. Hope you will find something worthwhile here.

Re: Tigerlily's Corner of Random Thoughts and Musings

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2018, 16:13
by Tigerlily
Nothing beats the feeling of being close... You get butterflies in the stomach, electric waves run through your nerves, your pulse races to incredible heights. You are captivated by an ever-growing excitement that does not let you go. Your mind cries out for more, more, more and this does not stop until you are right there...

Hey wait, did I mention I've been talking about moving one level up in Fashion Arena as you collect those coveted final points after spending countless hours trying to win duels?! :P :lol: