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Hi,I am Geeta.I am from india.State is rajasthan and city is bikaner.First i want to tell you about my name.Geeta is the sacred book of the hindus. :smile:
Anita is my best friend.We are friends since childhood.She jokes so much.I laugh all day.She helps me a lot.Sometimes it bothers me too.When she is away from me,i miss her a lot.
i have 1 brother and 2 sisters.I am the youngest.I am from middle class hindu family.I have a large family.I like my family very well.We are very happy even without the rupees.I help my father and mother.My grandparents become blind because they have grown old.I serve them.
I love my culture very much.
I want to write about the events that happened to me everyday.
Today anita told her past birth.We were both together in all the births.I know that's funny.How can someone remember her previous birth.She also said that when she was born i went to her house house to ask sweets.I know that's funny because we both were born together.She told a girl that my sister and i fight a lot in house while we do not do this.
Hello Dear Diary
happy new month :cool:
i have fun at school today.Teachers have given a lot of homework. :(
I have done homework.I do not like school at all.Even today,anita was making stories.I mean that script can be written.She is wonderful.Today sir gave a lot of knowledge and i have also assumed something. :cool:
hi dear diary
i am going to school in a few minutes.i do not know what will happen there. :)
i am eating breakfast.Will come back and tell you what happened.bye for the time being.
i have come.nothing happen i mean the same happens every day.
hi dear diary
today i served grandparents and now i am playing lp.
i finished my homework.bye.
hi diary
today is my holiday coz today is sunday.i just enjoying today.i have not done homework too.i am playing lp.
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Welcome :)

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