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Postby Tiny Tina » 23 Jan 2018, 11:34


Oh my!

Look him in the eye, nod politely and
kill the living hell out of him!
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Re: ☠Tiny Tina's German Dungeon of Fat Unicorns☠

Postby Amethist » 28 May 2018, 08:13

Tiny Tina wrote:Little Anna

Little Anna was a happy child
Always sweet and never wild

"Sleep my little girl,
You are mommy's pearl.
Sleep my dearest child,
You are daddy's pride."

One morning little Anna
Was nowhere to be found.
Only her ragged teddy
Was laying on the ground.

No one thought she could be lost
With two parents loving her the most.
Her mother cried and prayed and swore,
And she wasn't herself anymore.

She searched, she asked
She never gave up on the task
Of finding little Anna safe
Even in her death she wouldn't be a waif.

Little Anna was forever lost
People say "Taken by a ghost"
But if they only took a closer look
In the garden they would find a bloody hook.

For her little body lays there in the ground
Without a sign, a trace, a sound..

"Sleep my dearest child"
Her daddy darkly smiled.

By Tiny Tina

After reading the end, I suddenly felt sad.. :huh:

But the poem overall was really, REALLY good. Your boyfriend is crazy saying that it's dark and depressing. I would say it's a talent. :D
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