Looking to join a club!

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Looking to join a club!

Postby Cely6 » 19 Apr 2019, 13:14

Hi All! Just wondering if I could join someones club please :wub:

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Re: Looking to join a club!

Postby Lady Drakharis » 28 Apr 2019, 03:00

When you see a club you are thinking of applying to a club ask questions about the kind of club they are. Sometimes the big 10 aren't as good as ones that barely made the top 100. Ask questions like how long will you be given to take part in a club duel. I was in a club many months ago and was always given a minimum of 24 hours. I left that club because offline life was too busy and within the past couple months joined a club but got kicked out because they expected me to put my life offline after them and gave less than a 12-hour notice for a club fight and was kicked out. I wasn't asked why or what happened. I was told I was "inactive" and that is why I was kicked. Ask questions about the club's comradery. Ask questions that you feel should qualify as a great club.

Ask their president Vice President or higher-ups these questions. The President will be in dark pink and the Vice President and other higher-ups will be a lighter pink. Also, don't be afraid to send a message to some of their members asking what their honest opinion is of the club they are in. Are they more concerned about members lives outside the game? Like I said the club I was in a few months ago was just like that. We had a few members who were college students who we would video chat with to help them study when we weren't in the game. Remember this is just a game and some clubs don't see it that way. You want to avoid those ones at all costs. That is why it's good to ask questions before you apply.

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Re: Looking to join a club!

Postby littlesparrow83 » 29 Apr 2019, 05:34

Cely6 wrote:Hi All! Just wondering if I could join someones club please :wub:

Hi Cely6! The club I am a part of is looking to recruit new members as we only have 7 at the moment, with only 3 of us actively participating in club fights, fashion shows, and donations. If you are interested in joining a club still, our name is *Ladies in Pink* and our club president is Ice Amber.

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Re: Looking to join a club!

Postby StellaOfTheWild » 12 Jun 2020, 01:46

If you're still looking for a club, The Wild Ones would love to have you! We are brand new, and you would be the very first member!
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