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Club REVOLUTION is looking for members

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2018, 08:38
by Catharina Sophia
Club REVOLUTION is looking for members

If you are interested in joining club REVOLUTION please read the rules BEFORE applying.

1. Popularity stats must all be AT LEAST 55.
2. Entry fee ($2000) is due 24 hours after being accepted.
3. Members donate 3 emeralds every week.
4. Members participate in ALL club fights (every Sunday).
5. Dueling club members is off-limits.
6. Club operates on a 3 strike system. (You receive strikes for missing fights, or failing to donate the 3 weekly emeralds.) If you receive 3 of any kind before the strike reset you will be removed.
7. Be respectful, kind, and mature. Rudeness won't be tolerated.
8. If you are absent from the club for 7 days or longer WITHOUT informing a Vice President or the President you will be removed.

We have great monthly dress up contests and every other month we have an apartment contest. Most Sundays we have a themed club fight. Besides that we offer a great family-like and supportive vibe.

You can leave a reaction here, or message Katrina or me if you are interested in joining us!

Hugs & Kisses