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ONYX is looking for members! (preferably diamonds' donators)

PostPosted: 12 May 2018, 17:12
by Aka.lanadelray
We are ONYX, a club looking to improve, but with the first goal of having fun! We just changed of president, so some things are still to be agreed. As for now, the weekly rate is 5 emeralds and we can offer the following skills:
-37 in popularity (37% increase in your popularity skills)
-29 in hardworking (58% increase in your salary)
-32 in photogenic (64% possibility of receiving 2 emeralds in a photo s.)

However, we need people who could donate diamonds to improve (remember only people who has bought them, can donate them). People who donate diamonds won't have to pay the weekly rate, so please, when sending a request, explain wether you are going to be able to donate them and why you want to join! This request should be preferably sent to the actual president Lana.del Rey

Lots of love fromONYX