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As the Rio Carnival 2018 approaches, excitement builds up. The yearly party celebrated in real Brazilian style, continues until Ash Wednesday, which also marks the beginning of the Lent period, characterized by abstinence from worldly pleasures and fasting for Christians around the globe. The Rio carnival attracts approximately a million people from different parts of the globe to this city, where they can enjoy the pulsating sounds of the Samba.

Influenced by European and African Traditions

The first Carnival was organized during the 1640s. During that time, elaborate feasts were organized to give honor to the Greek wine gods.The Roman Catholic Church put in place the traditions of the current Carnival celebration that leads to Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lent period in the Christian calendar. The festival ‘Entrudo’ was introduced by the Portuguese and this inspired the birth of the Carnival in Brazil. In 1840, the very first Rio masquerade took place, and polka and waltz took center stage.

The Africans have subsequently influenced the Carnival with the introduction of samba music in 1917. Samba is now considered as traditional Brazilian music, and you can experience its rhythm at the Rio Carnival 2018.


  1. Create a topic with your club's name using the "Criterias for participation in club challenges" checklist that you'll find on here (if your club already has one, then use that)
  2. Get your club members to dress in a Rio de Janeiro inspired outfit (all your members or minimum 5 of them)
  3. Make a collage with a carnival float as a background and your ladies around it
  4. Come up with a short story about your collage theme (example: "We're the Crazy girls and chose to celebrate Mother Nature through our collage and the colors we chose" or whatever crazy thing you're doing)
  5. Add your collage under your club topic and again under this topic as well

Rewards for the club's box
1st Place: 15 ds and 30 000$
2nd Place: 5 tomatoes and 20 000$
3rd Place: 5 eggs

Every club entry will be rewarded with 2 ems automatically.
Deadline: 27th February

★★★ Good luck! ★★★
Wax Storm

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Postby Annabelle Coco » 17 Feb 2018, 07:40


We are the ENCHANTED DIVAS, ready to fill the air with merriment and leave you smiling from Cheek to Cheek! Our delegation of Rio Rainbow Fairies was inspired by winged spirits of the forest revisited in a colorful and liberated fashion: we are bright and pride. Our colors are a celebration of life and we hope to bring you joy! Here we are drifting through the carnival crowds for your enjoyment!




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Postby Flower Gold » 20 Feb 2018, 18:25


The Exquisite club carnival float symbolizes different shades of Happiness.


At the base is a fountain of infinite good humor. Dancers in the water represent the constant need to seek joy and happiness.
Two carousels from the amusement park spin above them.
The lower merry-go-round presents the temptation of stupid jokes that cause distress to other people.
Higher carousel shows angelic pleasure with good jokes, that give joy to all people.
At the very top there are dancers, above which there is only heaven. They show where the good deeds lead us. Making those happy who need liberation from sorrow, strengthens our wings, that they will carry us to happy stars.

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