Wild Cats

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Wild Cats

Postby Merimaa Wildee » 09 Dec 2017, 15:39

Hello gorgeous ladies :D
With great joy and pleasure I present to you my club Wild Cats <333333

We are kind, friendly and nice ladies who respect and are always there for each other <333
Wild Cats was made on 30.09.2013. by anniehills then she handed club to The Nicky who hand it to me <333
Name has nothing to do with Wild Cats basketball tim from movie trilogy High School Musical!
Just for ladies who love all kinds of Wild Cats <333

Our statistics are next:


President: Merimaa Wilde
Vice-presidents:Vulnavia, The Nicky, Julia Williams, Nina_Vihr,anniehills
38 members
Our donation fees are 1 emerald per day.

We are not overly competitive, we love good fun, laughter and chatting and are having lots of allies and friends :wub: :wub:

I as president won´t tolerate bullying or harrasment in my club, not respecting other person characteristics will get player kicked out of club. Also not getting in touch, being inactive more than 10 days and flat ignoring club or my message will also result in kicking out.
I am always there for my club ladies and always am standing for any kind of help <333

We have fb group: Wild Cats
We also have Wild Cats email adress :love:
Our website is in preparations for launching <333

At our prime we were in first 20 clubs.
We are currently keeping it low profile but we are rising slowly but surely <333

Criterias for new members are activity,working on skills, if I don´t see loyalty bigger than 1 you probably won´t get in, training pet is easiest thing to do and by that I know if you are willing to be Wild Cat!
However I don´t mind teaching lower lever ladies if they are willing to learn :D
All the rest depends on personality!

This topic is opened for gaining popularity, promoting Wild Cats, recruting new members and having fun participating in subjects and themes :love:

If you are interested pay us a visit

Wild Cats club
Merimaa Wilde

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