Seeking active club members

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Seeking active club members

Postby JennaJade » 13 Oct 2020, 23:48

Hi Ladies! I'm President of the Club "Have Fun! <3" and we really need more active members to help us grow! We're looking for ladies with all popularity levels at 40 or greater, plus
-Daily dues of $10,000+
-Activate 1 Fashion Show item
-Vote for 5 club members
Weekly: donate 10 emeralds and participate in a club fight

The main goals are PARTICIPATION and EFFORT! I understand situations may pull you away and prevent daily interaction; that's okay! Clubs are meant to help the ladies in it, but that takes investing in the club.

Message me with any questions or concerns, please! We have room for 3-5 ladies right away

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Re: Seeking active club members

Postby DLS » 21 Feb 2021, 07:48

Seeking active Club member's for Snow Bunnies Club.
Looking for members who will be active and want to have fun and chat.
Daily membership fee, What you can afford. I know times are tough.
A member needs to donate at lest three times a week. no less.
Members will need to participate in all fights and fashion shows.
also if you are not going to be active for long periods of time
you need to tell the President or one of the VPs.
wanting member who are willing to help other members.
Send request to Lady Tiara

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