Stilettos & Lace

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Stilettos & Lace

Postby Laceyjane » 01 Dec 2017, 14:18

Stilettos & Lace
President: Laceyjane-level 36
Vice Presidents:
xristina m-level 35
RoseFlower45-level 28
LuciaMaria84-level 26
Brandonsgirl34-level 16
Fame: 5,962 Level: 124
Members: 33
Average Level of Members: 21
Donations: $40,000 and 25 emeralds within the first month of membership
: $5,000 and 10 emeralds on a daily basis after the first month
Diamonds are not required but greatly appreciated
Stilettos & Lace is a very active club, we offer in club contests, we participate in Fashion Shows, we are active in Lady Popular Forum. We have all become great friends and we all talk to each other as much as possible.
I am creating this to gain new members and to support and promote S & L.


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Re: Stilettos & Lace

Postby LadyMusa » 07 Apr 2020, 19:34

Rock On

Pictured - LaceyJane (President), RoseFlower45 (Vice President), LadyMusa (Vice President), LuciaMaria84 (Vice President), xristina m (Vice President), TeddyK (Vice President), Celaena Sardothien (Vice President), Jonnah (Head Guide), Lady Katsa (Guide 1), Raniae (Guide 2), Ms. V, PeggyCarter, Lynnae, Ale, Aria, Graciella, kan jae song, G. Roxann, April26

Stilettos & Lace ladies dressed to the nines in their leather, pleather, ripped jeans, mini skirts, belly shirts, and anything and everything rock related to attend the Rock On! rock and roll convention. And needless to say, the girls rocked the fashion out loud and came out the best dressed at the whole of the convention. What lies in wait for the girl's next awsome Stilettos & Lace adventure!?!
Lady Name: LadyMusa ID#: 4839311 Club: Stilettos & Lace

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