Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter Egg Hunt

Postby Red Queen » 26 Mar 2018, 12:28

....It's THAT time of the year again.
Time to reconnect with neighbor after being indoor all winter.
Easter Egg hunt is here.

Easter Egg hunt will end on Saturday around 15:00

Please send me a message with all links to where you've found the Easter Eggs.
At the end there's a little surprise; if you find the very last egg, you can decorate it and send it to me for an extra reward.
:attention: :attention: ONLY the posted egg with be taken in consideration for the bonus reward. :attention: :attention:


Young and old are all invited to enjoy the hunt with us.

Bonus: You get to keep all the eggs you find ;)

The Easter Bunny has laid a trail of gold
And the first place to look is somewhere cold

Easter Egg hunt is officially over.

The Easter Bunny has laid a trail of gold
And the first place to look is somewhere cold.
(New Weekly: Four Seasons - Winter)

The second hiding place might be out of sight,
Think of somewhere cozy where you sleep at night
(FA monthly contest - January's Special Days)

You'll find lots of eggs here, but try not to faint
Find the place where there's eggs covered in paint.
(Re: ART Event - Easter egg)

A delicious boiled egg is served in a cup
But when you are finished, where do you wash up?
(Re: Whodunnit?)

Lambs have wool, chicks have feathers
What do you wear to keep warm in the cold weather?
(Re: Revive)

The bunny has hopped to the land of desire
Where do you go to get yourself inspired?
(Inspire Me)

Easter eggs, chocolates and cinnamon toast.
Go to the place where you can get a nice roast.
(Roast - LP Edition )

You're nearing the end of the Easter Gold Rush
Now head to the place where you'll find your toothbrush
(Challenge 1: The stolen diaries!)

The end is in sight, so take a good look
The last egg is hidden in someone's favorite book
(Book Character)
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