Few suggestions

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Few suggestions

Postby Loranna » 11 May 2015, 21:32

I'm still new member in LP-FA but I was already on few parties, joined a club and done some events and quest. There are things that I really like and some not that much. Here some suggestion that go around my head and could make the game easier and more interesting from players point of view.

1. Quests
- Normal/daily quests
I don't think there is anyone here that wouldn't agree that the new rewards are horrible. If you spend more as you get back it doesn't benefit you at all. It would be way better if for spending energy we would get money, for spending money emeralds and for spending emeralds diamonds. Rewards like this would make me wait for another quest instead of thinking how to get over it without doing it.
- Boyfriend/fiancée/party quests
I heard that planing a party takes a lot of time and money - emeralds/diamonds. On one hand I'm waiting for to start planing my own party and on other hand I'm bit worried how much it will cost.
How about some of the quest rewards would be diamonds? We would spend them anyway in further planing. And to have the chance for unlimited number of guest also opens the chance for unlimited gifts. More guest = more gifts = more diamond spending = more diamond buying.

2. Level up
I just level up after the "improvements" and i need to say that I was really disappointed as my only reward was energy refill. <_<
It would be great if we could get some diamonds for level up, either for every level or every 5th. This would also motivate people to level up instead of staying on a level they wanted to reached.

3. Party missions
- Postponing time for the first mission
Not everyone come to a party right at time and since the missions doesn't take the complete time as well the time for the first mission could be postponed to like 30 minutes after the party starts. So wouldn't those who are late miss to much. And sometimes even being on time could make you miss a mission after picking a present if the mission is beauty or voting related.
- Participating in missions and times to pitch in
Since not all guests are interested in participating in missions, there could be a bottom to click if you will participate in it. The system could log the number and limit the chances to participate in it. Some people doesn't change their settings before coming to party and with just one click they could take away 69 people the chance. I have seen that beauty and voting related missions can be over even before you read what the mission is about.
The only missions where the participation in should stay unlimited are Super Model, Photo season and boyfriend gifting as they are hard to finish or many aren't willing to pay for gifts.

4. Events
As first - I loved travel events. The only thing that bothered me was that when I finished the board I was done for the the day - even with some time left over. It would be great that when we finish a board and we still have time left that we could travel again - either for free or paying emeralds - and use the remaining time up.

5. Club
Since there was already a suggestion about party I wont mention that again. But what I think could also make club live more interesting and would include more clubs at the same time: we could do monthly competitions - like dress up contest.
The clubs that will compete enter one entry only. When entries are completed the club members vote for their favourite and top 3 entries are given as club voting result. Voting for own entry would be forbidden/disabled. Voting is mandatory and only for participating clubs. The club that doesn't give results would be disqualified.
The rewards should be club beneficial and given directly into club cash box.


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Re: Few suggestions

Postby rina4ever » 12 May 2015, 09:28

i agree with that

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Re: Few suggestions

Postby Olivia_D » 07 Mar 2016, 21:07

We are able to buy and or win beautiful clothes and items for our Ladies. but however have so much in inventory.
I wanted to suggest if we could have a Second Hand Boutique or Store for our Ladies to buy and sell unwanted items to each other. Items could be sold for coins, emeralds or high priced for gems. Or even trade with same value or higher to one another. Either way, I think it would be an amazing feature.
Thank you !
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