engagement party participation incentive idea

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engagement party participation incentive idea

Postby Brigitta Von Trapp » 11 May 2015, 01:47

A continuing problem in the engagement parties seems to be the lack of participation in the missions which require emeralds to complete, money investment, or more than one energy. Because the mission takes the full hour, the chat then becomes a breeding ground for fighting, and ill mannered bored ladies chatting to cause problems. Since so many do not participate, frustration ensues and the majority of the mission unfairly falls to a few who basically spend all their winnings to complete the missions. An idea to solve this would be to create a reward for those ladies who participate in ALL missions. 5 diamonds would be a worthwhile reason to participate but even a significant bonus of emeralds or money would help. An incentive to participate in all missions would solve many of the problems which seem to be occurring constantly. I know,it seems ridiculous that this would be needed at all as we already receive a prize for participation in each mission but for many the mission rewards or team work needed to complete missions do not seem to be enough reason. I think it will help to make the engagement parties the fun and group bonding experience which was originally intended.
Thank you for considering. :)

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Re: engagement party participation incentive idea

Postby Soravia » 11 May 2015, 11:39

Problem coming and from the fact that many don't want the experience most of the missions give,and for that reason very few of them helping with the missions even if they don't want the rewards.And those who do participate have to do it and for them.
Also and because not everyone coming to the party.If you got an invitation,and you know you can't attend write message to the host,so she can remove the invite,if she want to.
So far i haven't been in a party,in any version that everyone who was invited was actually there.
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Re: engagement party participation incentive idea

Postby LucyKamui » 05 Jun 2015, 18:12

I've never been to a party in which participation was 100%
My problem with parties comes from several points:
- unable to find ladies to win or lose against, usually because a few ladies challenge everyone, instead of just one. Plus the site says "no lady matching your criteria found" LULZ, i know they're there
- too many SMs to defeat, but not finding enough of them

In these conditions, it is impossible for some ladies to participate in every single party mission. Offering diamonds as reward for participating would be impossible. Especially for the missions involving voting or the beauty salon - those missions fly by.

The idea is nice, but unrealistic.
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Re: engagement party participation incentive idea

Postby Sphinx » 06 Jun 2015, 11:02

I don't think we should be rewarded for our participation in a party.The invitation is an honour and a great opportunity to earn many cool stuff by itself.I don't blame the ladies who never show up.We are not sure about our schedule when we accept the invitation.I don't blame the ladies who invite so many people.Since they have spent a lot for the party it's fair enough to compete for the first place and the emeralds.So they need many guests to vote for them.Perhaps they should be more picky.Some guests don't know even the basics for the game.Others don't give a damn for the hostess or the party.They come only for the welcome gift,presents,bonuses,some easily earned emeralds/money,a photo or just to make noise.I participate in all missions no matter if I choose to accept the reward or not.Unfortunately the ladies who participate are always the same in almost every party.So how many super models' equipment for example should I buy?I have already enough for the rest of my playing life!I still buy one set but that's all.We all earn emeralds but when we have to spent them for a mission some never have any.Gradually I'll become a rude guest too,because I feel like a sucker.I think we all want some missions to be removed or change.Since then,dear ladies,consider what really means a great party.A party with thousands of votes or a party with happy guests?

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