More 'Sort by...' options in the Mall

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More 'Sort by...' options in the Mall

Postby Luz » 25 Apr 2015, 23:47

Hey everyone! :*

When going to the mall, I like how we have 'Sort by Price' (highest first, lowest first) - but I wish we had some more options!

I'd love to see 'sort by [type of clothing item]'! For example, I really need some new shoes to match my current outfit. If we had this button, I could press to see all the shoes put together on the same page and choose which I would like - but the way it is now, I need to go through page after page looking for one that I like which can be very time consuming.

Other filters that would be cool are sorting by colour(s), by amount of fashion points, dollars-only, diamond/emerald-only, etc.

I think this would be useful for many ladies! Thanks! :)

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Re: More 'Sort by...' options in the Mall

Postby allenafaith » 30 Apr 2015, 04:53

That's a good idea :)

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Re: More 'Sort by...' options in the Mall

Postby Leila Camui » 30 Apr 2015, 22:56

This is why I prefer the Classic version Mall distribution, if you want a pair of shoes, you just have to go to the Shoe store, if you want a pair of gloves, then you go to the Gloves Store and so on :P
Having to look in each shop every time you want to buy an item can be exhausting sometimes lol.
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