More Flashback Events/Collections, Please!

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More Flashback Events/Collections, Please!

Postby Trinity Starling » 09 Nov 2019, 03:25

I'd like to suggest that the game does flashbacks of events and collections from prior years more often, maybe bring back three or four events per month -- esp. from earlier years, or even months, like August 2018. I realize the game devs talked about possibly having a feature where players could vote on which flashback events/collections to have, so I second that idea!

Here are a few suggestions for events/collections I'd like to see back in the game:


Carnival maps event (2016)
Women's Day dice event (2016)
Ice Queen teleport (2016)
Music Gifts event (2016)
Dark Halloween teleport (2016)
Angels vs Demons gifts event (2016)
Royalties maps event (2017)
St. Valentine's gifts event (2017)
Spring Mission dice event (2017)
Halloween Teleport event (2017) {yes, I really do love the Halloween teleports and think it's an annual tradition the game should revive, not just the Gifts event]
Venice Carnival gifts event (2018)

For ladies:
Haute Couture (2017)
Rio Carnival (2017)
Autumn Collection (2017)
Underwear Collection (2017)
Sport Collection (2018)
Manga Collection (2018)
Spring Flowers (2018)
Zodiac (2018)

For fianc├ęs:
Fantasy World (2015)
Bond Collection for Him (2015)
St. Valentine's Collection for Him (2017)
Summer Collection for Him (2017)
Camouflage (2018)
K-Pop for Him (2018)

For apartments:
Home Spa (2015)
Community Contest (2016)
Modern Loft (2017)
Boho Furniture (2018)
Underwater Furniture (2018)

For pets:
Ketty (2015)
Yuki (2015)
Limited Christmas pet collection (2016)
Halloween Collection (2017)
Piggy (2018)

**SIDENOTE: I know this is a lot! Just some suggestions though! Also, more "limited edition" pets please? Again, I realize that this is a lot to take into consideration.

Also, whatever happened to the Lucky Cards events and the Dice events? We don't seem to get those anymore...
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Re: More Flashback Events/Collections, Please!

Postby MistyOcean » 09 Dec 2019, 01:33

Agreed, and I'd like to see some events from 2013-2014 again too. One collection in 2013 I really liked was called "avant garde", it was really cool.

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