New uses for the Party Center after Weddings

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New uses for the Party Center after Weddings

Postby Trinity Starling » 04 Oct 2019, 02:39

Once a player has held a wedding, they can no longer plan parties at the Party Center, only attend them and become bridesmaids at other weddings. I think there should be more uses for that extra "Plan a Party" page at the center. A few ideas:

- Plan parties other than engagements and weddings (and no more that center around having a husband-to-be, please!), such as seasonal ones and birthday parties

- Anniversary parties for every year (365 days) of marriage
~ side-note: this is an idea for another day, but if LP could add the option to adopt a baby (maybe a bit excessive!) then we could also have baby showers

- Server-wide parties that all ladies in a particular version can attend without invitation (kind of like a common room)
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Re: New uses for the Party Center after Weddings

Postby LadyMusa » 05 Oct 2019, 17:16

Not sure how I feel about that last option. When I have a party, there might be some players I do not want there.
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