Hairstyles and clothing suggestion

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Hairstyles and clothing suggestion

Postby Amethist » 03 Feb 2019, 15:41

I have a few hairstyle suggestions that I’d like to share :

-Highlights option (we can pick a section (or more) of our hair that we’d like to color)
-An ombre option
-Color our hair in a shade of our choosing, and not just the colors given in the beauty salon. I was thinking of a tool more or less like this:


These options don’t necessarily have to be free (but I would really like them free tho lol)

And for the clothing suggestion:

It would be nice to have a searching option if we’re trying to find a particular color. For example:


Then once you click the box, something like this would come up:


And once a color is picked, a series of clothes would come up, but only the ones with the chosen color. This suggestion applies for both wardrobe and in the mall by the way. :)

That’s all.

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Re: Hairstyles and clothing suggestion

Postby Trinity Starling » 03 Feb 2019, 21:39

I agree! I recently suggested that there should be an option to pick the colors of items we win in events, and I think this suggestion ties into it. I think having a color wheel like you suggested would be nice. Maybe certain hairstyles should come with an option to dye it another color? Anyways, nice suggestion. I recommend that you submit it in game feedback.
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