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Loseing fashion logs

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2019, 22:32
by Cammy
In fashion logs once you lose its your money transferred to the other person and i think that its not fair. What if your saving up for something but people keep battling your lady and winning. That ruins it all and i have come on so many times to see that most of my money is gone because i have been challenged by a bunch of people and im pretty sure other people feel the same way. So mabye make it so tha way we don’t lose money when we lose a fashion log. At least when your not online and you are the one challenging the person

Re: Loseing fashion logs

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2019, 00:44
by doe
Although it sucks to lose money, I personally feel like the game would no longer be all that interesting if we couldn't win nor lose money from challenges because that would take away the competitive factor and make everything...stale. I've played another more community-based dress-up game a few years ago where basically all you could do was pay a ridiculous amount of real money (which went to a sketchy site owner, but I digress) to buy high quality in-game stuff, play outdated flash games until you farmed enough, or simply get super lucky, and that got old for me real quick.

The trick to not losing your money is to spend it as soon as you get it. Yes, that means that long-term saving (or saving anything at all for more than a few hours if you're lucky, really) is no longer an option, but spending whatever amount you have at that moment to earn fashion points for increasing your pop stats is worth it imo. And in turn, your increased pop stats will make you stronger and harder to beat, and so on and so fourth...

If you just let your money sit there, players who are significantly stronger than you CAN and WILL see you as their paypig and won't hesitate to battle you over and over because they know you're easy money. It's happened to me before and still happens from time to time when I just don't have the time/energy to login and play. But I've learned my lesson when I'd come back and see myself losing $1k+ from the same handful of players everyday like clockwork LOL.

Sometimes I entertain the idea of having a bank where players could save their money, but idk how that could be implemented.

Re: Loseing fashion logs

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2019, 01:17
by Cammy
I see your ponit but something i think is that when your not the one that’s challengeing them you should loes money. That why i put in the part that said *at least not when your not online but when your the one challengeing the person* because i get it that you want a challenge so what i would like is that you have to be the person challengeing the other one to lose money. I hope this makes sence