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Colors of Outfits

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2018, 21:32
by Trinity Starling
Hello all,

I think for gifts and teleport type events we should be able to pick the color of an item of clothing we win, or the clothes should all come in relatively neutral colors (black, gray, white, brown). I think something like this incorporated into events where we cannot see the clothes we win would help us craft better, more coordinated outfits from events and not end up with, say, a purple gown, green shoes, and black gloves and belt. In general, just having more items of clothing in neutral tones and not such bright, outstanding colors would be nice.

Re: Colors of Outfits

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2019, 19:08
by Cammy
I agree i think that we should have different colors because in some events you can see what you get and it has a color and i would like the color it showcases because it think its really cute. Like in the lucky cards there this black sparkly jacket i want that showcases as black i want it black and not something like hot pink