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FTV Jobs - Suggestions

PostPosted: 24 Jun 2018, 01:26
by Trinity Starling
Hi, it's Trinity Starling!

I just had a few suggestions for the FTV Jobs component of LP...

1) The actual jobs (not photo sessions or supermodels) should have a longer duration. I think 12 hours instead of 8 would be nice, especially for those of us who want to work at night.

2) Make it so we can challenge other ladies in the Fashion Arena while working, doing a photo session, or finding a supermodel. This notion would allow us to use up stored energy, gain extra money, and kill some time while waiting. It's also not entirely unrealistic or not feasible since you can already shop, play minigames, etc. while working, so being able to challenge ladies while at work would be nice.

3) As our ladies'level up, increase the number of emeralds we can get from one photo session, the average chance of getting emeralds, and the average chance of finding a supermodel. This would give us an incentive to level up, thus enjoying the game more.

That's all for now; I hope y'all take these suggestions into consideration, 'cause that'd be great!! :D