A few suggestions

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A few suggestions

Postby Thumaya » 25 May 2018, 17:10

1. LP Bank - Have the ability for ladies to have a bank where they can store their money, the option could be a diamonds only option. So for 50 diamonds per month (or whatever) a lady can secure a bank space where she can transfer her earned money and safe keep it from duels. You can even have different tiers, so the 5 diamonds package can hold up to 10k at a time, the 50 diamond package can hold up to 100k at a time, the 100 diamond package can hold an unlimited amount etc.

2. Exp-free work options - I just personally think it'd be nice if there were more ways to earn money in-game without gaining exp or challenging other ladies. I understand the logic of work giving exp but I wish there were other options available.

3. Level - free boyfriends - again, just a personal thought that it'd be nice if boyfriends were not linked to levels so those of us who are leveling up slowly could have the option of marrying ect without waiting 10 years. Plus I think players are more invested in a fiance then a checkbox boyfriend.
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