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Hair Accessory Store

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2018, 21:43
by jolori
I saw that someone suggested a jewelry store, but what about one just for the hair. Maybe an addition in the Salon. Like, when you go to style your hair you can also choose hair accessories, not just the ones you win or the simple ones you can buy in the store, but pretty hair bands and clips to add to your extensions or your curls. Maybe even a section of decorative barrettes. Just an idea. So far I have this fan thing I'm never going to wear, sweat bands, and some hair bands, oh and like a gold ribbon thing that doesn't really go with anything I have.

This would be nice to have available on a daily basis, but still have special or celebrity hair clips, like in the hair salon.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: It could be the cute colored hair combs or elegant silver combs or funky clips with those colored hair strips on them that you just clip into your hair. Sorry, my mind hasn't shut this subject down yet. :afro: