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Postby Curlyfries » 08 Mar 2018, 03:26

Hey Team

I love the multiple new hairstyles, I am always so excited if I get my hands on new ones but I realized the shades changed a little bit.. especially when it comes to the blondes.

I feel like you can put the hairstyles into 3 groups:

- The first group are all the original hairstyles with their very first shades of colors. I don't love the blondes there either, pretty yellow, but alright.

- The second group of hairstyles is my favorite. These hairstyles were the first update ever that was made to the hairstyles. Best shades in the game ! Nicest browns, most beautiful blondes, ...

- The third group are all the new hairstyles that are coming in now. Don't get me wrong, I am deeply in love with all of them. They look just amazing but sadly all the blond shades and even some of the brown tones look super greenish and dull.. I feel like I only can use three colors really and that is so sad.

I attached one of the hairstyles that has my favorite (blond)tones, I hope.. maybe the new hairstyles that are getting designed might get their old color pallet back from the second group..
That would be amazing !

Best wishes,

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Postby jolori » 14 Mar 2018, 21:29

Oh yes, the last few style I've won have been the best. The rest of them I usually stay with brown or black because otherwise they look like novelty wigs. The one you've chosen is so soft and the colors blend nicely no matter what color you choose. I think my favorite shade in that style is the light orange. I know the designers work really hard to make this game and every detail takes forever when programming, but I hope they can update the other styles to match this style of design/ paint/ coloring. :)
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