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Engagement Parties - Suggestions

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2018, 07:34
by Annabelle Coco
Hey beauties!

My beautiful friend Hellanna and I were discussing Engagement Parties. There have been lots of suggestions floating around about them -- Having the names of ladies displayed on-screen during photo taking, new engagement gifts collections to buy for the brides, ceasing to display mission headers as YOU MUST BUY 800 Portfolios so that newbies don't think they are expected to complete it all by themselves, or having an automatic kick for offliners after XX HOURS of not being online ... and so on!

One of the things that also comes up is the LENGTH of engagement parties: Yes, we are meant to attend each party for a total of 8 hours, and while everyone might not like the idea, no one likes to see their guests leave half-way through an event and most ladies simply have to decide between clearing 8 hours of computer time out of their day or not attending at all. But does it need to be that long?
How about 5 hours instead?
That doesn't necessarily mean likes and chatroom fun have to close down too if you guys like hanging out after the missions and brides can then enjoy chatting with guests or focus on pictures instead of monitoring missions and everything at once.

I don't know How the LP FA team might go about implementing that but I am sure you have suggestions.

By taking a little time off each mission? That has its cons (higher risk to fail missions, more overdoing because of "no-time" freak-outs).
Or Brides could decide how long they want THEIR engagements to last and simply pick how many missions will be offered at their party by selecting event length, missions could then be assigned at random without changing the run time of each, which would also be an element of difference and fun: oh which missions will we get at this party?
Or any other suggestion you guys can come up with! Speak up :D

Re: Engagement Parties - Suggestions

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 09:01
by Annabelle Coco

Re: Engagement Parties - Suggestions

PostPosted: 07 May 2018, 17:46
by Gioiella
As for the parties... and the limit of 10 minutes before doing another action
As far as a party lasts 8 hours, and since the brides will tolerate all those absent guests, I think we should do a little math together.
8 hours = 480 minutes
25 missions to do; at least 4 needing almost the Whole hour (Models, Lose a duel, Gain emeralds, Do a photosession); it means 4 hours or so.
We have 4 hours remaining for 21 missions = 240\250 minutes
Let's divide 240 for 21, we scarcely have 12 minutes per mission!
But we all know that some expensive missions last much longer than 12 minutes (especially when there is an absurd number of absent guests), so:
do you really think is a good idea to prohibite to do 2 times a long mission since the beginning? Think of it. Just 12 minutes per 21 missions.