Plus Size

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Plus Size

Postby JennyJean » 10 Jan 2018, 16:47

Tbh I think it could be pretty nice and different to be able to have 'pluz size'
Like ... so much is up and around lately.. :lol: And could be awesome to could make one like other models..
e.g. Ashley Graham cuz.. omgosh ... :rolleyes: :wub:

Ofc just a suggestion :kiss:

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jolori (15 Mar 2018, 11:37) • M.a.r.i.a. (19 Feb 2018, 18:52)
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Re: Plus Size

Postby Naya_Adley » 28 Jan 2018, 08:51

I agree. There should be more options, especially that beauty comes in all forms and shapes.

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JennyJean (19 Feb 2018, 19:41) • jolori (15 Mar 2018, 11:37)
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Re: Plus Size

Postby jolori » 19 Feb 2018, 18:01

I agree. I'm a new player and a plus sized woman and even though I truly enjoy the models available and all the styles and fashions we get to play around with, it would be awesome to see more variety in the types of models. However, I know that designing a site and just maintaining it is a lot of work, so hopefully this will be an option in the future.

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JennyJean (19 Feb 2018, 19:42)
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