Chat Changes

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Chat Changes

Postby lionesselsa » 23 Dec 2017, 11:15

Morning. To me is one of the worse parts of the game. The chats.
Most games have a chat supervised by the game adms, and private chats any player can open.
When a player enter the game LP proposes 2 chats Fame and Fun to be in LP. Only reference we have is other games so we all assume this are chats with moderators of LP, called safe chats. Nothing further from the truth,

This chats long been abandoned by owners and any moderator. It's no man land where new players are abused bullied and where people get exposed do the worse on line in terms that are hard to find in any on line game.
Mostly fake accounts created just to post in these chats and abuse weaker players. Seeing these profiles we can verify most never even played and are multi accounts.

LP can act on private messages, chat direct messages , profiles but not in these chats its supp to be the owner and moderators. Sadly in these 2 chats where LP tells us is ok to go and be there are none. I can tell you that in Fame chat there is 1 moderator that plays 2 h a month, comes on line and does not even open fame chat. The chats you tell us are safe are not. And this is very much your responsibility to solve.

Make a game chat, supervised by LP or Nominate moderators for these chats. Stop advertising chats where people are subjected to the worse language , explicit sex context , bullying new players that I ever saw in any game with total impunity because LP can not act. By doing it you promote and accept

Make a simple routine that when a player posts 3x the same exact text system does not accept the enter. This as in many other games prevents the spamming and the bots

Make a simple routine as many games have that cussing words can not be posted. Yes they can cuss in other languages cause system does not detect but 80% of the cases would be solved.

Be effective in these chats, most games when a player posts in any chat has the option of muting and reporting that exact post. When reported flags to adms that exact section allowing the adms to read that section of the chat and assessing if there is in that section cause for sanction, chat privileges suspension or even ban. Most games have a punishing plan that increases and can end in total suspension of chat.

It's your game, its your responsibility to provide an environment where players as young as we have here can play, have fun and feel safe. It's of no consequence and wrong, repeating fair play games and having you accepting and promoting situations like these. You need to stop hiding in the fact that are private chats but still promoting them as safe, because you own the game, There is no private rights unless those you give and you are by our own express permission free to take at any time. I can not sue you if you close my account, Its your right and part of the terms of the game I have accepted, in TOS. Your game your responsibility to act in these situation in a way that when you promote a chat to a new player, that player knows its ok, safe, fun, Lady Popular chat.

Sorry by the long testament but yesterday with the bot posting in fame for hours was the drop of water. Its so simple to block a message posted more than x times. Most games we can't even post hi 3x we have to wait 5 m to post hi again cause breaks spamming rules ..... When I logged in yesterday bot was posting for hours.
And another thing these chats that you propose is where players come to ask questions about the game. How to make a photo session; why can't I work , this small helps allow the player to move on fast and play the game. They ask help in this chats cause they are alive and proposed by LP when we start.

Merry Christmas to All
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Re: Chat Changes

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 23 Dec 2017, 20:53

Hi lionesselsa,

I understand your point of view and i completely agree with it. I noticed your ingame ticket also, will link this forum topic to it and will forward it to the team to consider it.

Thank you!

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