More Types of Parties

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More Types of Parties

Postby Laceyjane » 14 Nov 2017, 15:43

I would like to suggest allowing players or even just clubs to be able to have parties, not just engagement parties, but birthday parties, slumber parties, girls night out parties, etc. I think this would be fun and give that something extra for clubs to do and/or all players of Lady Popular. I hope you take my suggestion into serious consideration as I have heard several other players at engagement parties also say that this would be a great and fun addition to the party center of Lady Popular. :wub: :P


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Re: More Types of Parties

Postby Trinity Starling » 24 Jun 2018, 01:35

Good idea! I also think that the Party Center should hold different types of events. I think seasonal parties would be nice as well. Even though people live in different time zones, you could go about adjusting your time zone so you see a party that is suited for your country/region. Parties could also be coordinated with events, so, for example, if the current event is a sort of gothic chic/rock 'n' roll themed thing, we could sort of have a concert themed party that ladies could join (sort of like a commons house/chat room), with size restrictions, of course (so only a certain number of ladies could be in the party at once. If we treat parties as "servers", per se, then the same party, but in a different server, would allow many more ladies to enjoy one type of party at once. Overall, it's a great idea, and I hope to see something like it implemented.
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