Clothing & Name Outdated

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Clothing & Name Outdated

Postby CuddlePuddle » 31 Aug 2017, 08:45

Not trying to be rude, but 2 things that are meant to be constructive and honest. I love this game and I want to see it succeed even more!

1) does anyone else think a lot of the clothes at the mall are super outdated and/or weird?

2) the name "Lady Popular" sounds outdated to me as well. Like, it sounds like a game for 80 year old women! I know you've built a brand around the name and all, but I promise you, a cooler name would be worth losing some brand recognition.

I've been playing fashion games obsessively for about 7 years now and I had always heard of/seen Lady Popular, but never got into it because of the name and because the clothing i saw looked a bit old and weird. I only started playing because I've literally played all the other fashion games to death and I was desperate, but I'm really glad I checked this game out further because I realized there are actually a lot of cute clothes! especially the new and limited stuff. For instance, I love the burning man and pop stars collections!

This game is awesome, and has great just need to update the mall clothing. If you need fresh ideas, hit me up! I know what all the kids are into these days ;)

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Re: Clothing & Name Outdated

Postby Nixiefae » 01 Dec 2017, 23:11

I have to kind of agree, some of the older clothes need a little updating/refreshing. As well as the hair stlyes in the salon, they don't have the same detail as the hairs you can get from events
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