Minigames that run only on energy

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Minigames that run only on energy

Postby alaiavee » 16 Feb 2017, 20:54

This would be useful if we come back to LP while our lady is still working and has a full bar of energy. Rather than cancelling work, it'd be nice if there were a minigame to go to that ran on energy alone. That way time spent at work and energy recharge time aren't wasted.

I know fashion machine runs on energy for a few spins, but then you have to resort to cash or diamonds making it expensive.

Having minigames that run solely on energy would be a great option for those of us that don't like to waste or like options to progress in the game (exp, cash, emeralds) other than the arena.


- Perhaps a pet show based on the lady's devotion and loyalty values.
- Or what about boyfriend games to show how much we enjoy having fun with our boyfriends?
- Create a community art show game (any lady may participate) to win exp and practice creativity
- Create a charity game that actually ties into contributing to real life charities, and improve generosity while at it for real...
- A hide and seek game that allows you to hide certain objects in your apartment whilst also seeking objects in other ladies apartments. The more hide and seek objects you own, the more apartment income bonus you have. Finally a reason to actually look at a lady's apartment... energy must be spent to 'seek' as well as 'hide'.
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