Fashion arena experience adjustment based on difficulty

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Fashion arena experience adjustment based on difficulty

Postby alaiavee » 25 Jan 2017, 04:48

Hi, it seems to me rather backwards that you get the same amount of experience for winning challenges with weaker ladies as you do with equal or stronger ones. Only level seems to be factored into the experience gained.

Perhaps something like this would make more sense:

Same level: Weaker = 1 xp, Equal = 2 xp, Stronger = 4 xp

And then +1xp for each level above current level or -1 xp for each level below. Thoughts?

Because really, we all know stats are the main factor, not level. Naturally then, a stronger opponent should yield more exp. As an added bonus for XS-Software/Ladypopular, it will likely encourage more players to purchase popularity bonuses, netting the company a greater profit.
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