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About that survey...

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2017, 05:30
by QuinnFerrero
Dear Lady Popular,

I took the new survey and I hope it helps you! It’s great you want to get to know your customer base better, but I was hoping for more questions about the game.

Please consider making another survey in the future, more focused on game content? The players want a lot of things, and we want to tell you what they are. But it’s important you figure out what we want the MOST. Ask us our priorities. If you do make another survey, I suggest asking us to rate (0-10) how much we want something, so that YOU can prioritize more effectively. Ask about what types of events we prefer (I love teleport), whether we prefer shops or events (SHOPS, I buy what I actually want, with no cluttered wardrobe), what clothing themes we like (girly casual, please), what type of clothing we want (more hair accessories, I beg you), what we would most like updated (hair salon for me) and what new features we would be the most excited for (weddings!).

Most importantly though, ask about what we DON’T want and DON’T like. Just because I like something doesn’t mean I want it in the game. For instance, I love superheros, snowboarders and medieval characters, that doesn’t mean I want to dress like them.

Also, I have problems with and don't like certain event types. Some are unreasonably expensive. Some are gambling plain and simple. Then there are the ones that are SO, SO STINGY with prizes that I can barely believe it. There’s only one free try A DAY for the grid event? The amount of clothes you win in the ‘gift’ event? That’s one I’d had a lot of fun with, it was my new favorite event… until I opened the gifts. I got a TINY fraction of the amount of clothes available to win. Some gifts don’t even give clothes! Mind-boggling.

I do like some events, earlier I said I love the teleport one, but that’s because I finally figured out how to find the prizes. How to play needs to be explained more clearly. I had to find a guide. Then there's the fact that I’m MUCH more willing and likely to spend my diamonds in shops. With events, I’m less willing to spend my diamonds, but hey, that could just be me. So maybe ask us to rate some of the events. Find out why we like/dislike them.

Then there’s something I doubt would be in a survey. I very much believe the game NEEDS to redraw or remove older art. The stuff in the mall, furniture store, and salon. You know it when you see it. This is a fashion game. It’s all about visuals, and let me tell you, some of the old art is UGLY, BAD, and needs to go. That’s harsh, but I wouldn’t have started playing the game if that was the art quality. One look and I’d have clicked away. Replacing this is more important then I think you realize. It lowers its overall quality of the game. It’s what the newbies will see right away, and that means you’re making a bad first impression. One of the first things new players do is go to the salon. They see all the old hair and maybe 5 newer ones? Not much choice if you want pretty hair... I’d take redraws of all the old hair in the salon over an event any day (Heck, over two events. I’m serious. This is something you should ACTUALLY do, no matter what). Updates would involve a lot resources but you can do it. The reward will be a higher chance to keep those new players playing.

I know this was long and in some places harsh. I appreciate you reading it. I ask for you to please share this, as I hope the game's team will see it as well as other players who want their voices heard.

Right. So, I posted this to LP's Facebook. I was hoping some of you could share your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree about anything?

Re: About that survey...

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2017, 12:13
by sally
Yeah, I agree with you. The old art really needs to go.
The survey MUST contain questions about the game.
And, everything I wanted to say, you have already written everything. I FULLY agree with you.

Re: About that survey...

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2017, 22:56
by Sarah Eilonwy
I pretty much agree with everything you have said here as well. Thanks for the insightful post. :)