Spinning wheel idea

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Spinning wheel idea

Postby Summerskies » 14 Aug 2016, 06:31

Hello there ladies i want to put this idea out there for you ok.I know that if you miss just one day of spinning the wheel that you have to start all over from day one.What if that can be changed to not loosing your days you have on there? Why i suggest this is becouse it might not be your fult that you could not come on a day or so.It could be becouse weather like where i live it has been raining off and on for weeks now.I could not get on last night becouse of storms.It could be that you came up sick and could not come on are anything.So my idea is that we do not loose our days from the spinning wheel at all. That way everyone will benefit from not having their days lost i hope you all understand this lol.
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Re: Spinning wheel idea

Postby sally » 11 Oct 2016, 09:45

Good idea......
I also have this problem.....
Like before some days, I shifted my home, so there was no internet connection for months......When I opened my profile again, I saw I had 150 messages and day 1 in the wheel...LOL......
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