favorites for beauty shop, wardrobe options

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favorites for beauty shop, wardrobe options

Postby adelissa » 12 Apr 2016, 13:27

There are hairstyles I will never wear and ones I wear regularly, same with make-up. It would be so nice to have a way to organize it so you can get to what you like quicker. Also (this might be harder I don't know much about programing) it would be awesome to change the default hair color so for example if you usually get brown hair, you can pan over the styles that cost diamonds and see it in that color instead of red.
I know there are already outfit save options in wardrobe but an archive would be awesome for things you just never wear. Would really save on all the scrolling through to find stuff. Sounds like a beep when a photoshoot is completed would be cool too.
Just some ideas. I do love this game and appreciate all the hard work that is put into it.

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Re: favorites for beauty shop, wardrobe options

Postby Annabelle Coco » 29 May 2016, 16:40

That would be great! :wub: Yes :wub:

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