Accidentally spending diamonds

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Accidentally spending diamonds

Postby Bunny » 02 Jan 2016, 20:50

Today while planning my engagement party I accidentally spent 39 diamonds while buying features for my lady. It asked me if I'm sure I want to buy it and said I have enough emeralds to buy it, then it just ate diamonds. It turns out the game is so slow and it forgot to calculate i don't have enough because I bought an item before the second one. I'm not trying to ask to get my diamonds back, because I know it will never happen, but I want everyone to SERIOUSLY consider either another window that will ask you if you're sure you want to spend diamonds on something, or make it IMPOSSIBLE to buy an item with a combination of emeralds + diamonds and instead ask you WHICH currency you want to spend. I'm very disappointed this happened to me, I wasted so many precious diamonds I was saving for things that were IMPOSSIBLE to get without diamonds (VIP features in beauty salon) to buy something I don't even need, but just got for engagement party.

I don't even want to buy diamonds anymore, because they get spent so easily accidentally and I have no plans wasting them after spending so much money for them.
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Re: Accidentally spending diamonds

Postby allenafaith » 10 Jan 2016, 23:11

The window suggestions would be a great feature, I'd love to see that added as well.

I'm sorry that you spent some diamonds, it's happened to me too before.

Have you sent a ticket to the Lady Popular support team on the website? If you don't know how to, message me on the game and I'll tell you. If you click the banned in my signature, you'll be redirected to my profile.


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Re: Accidentally spending diamonds

Postby lovable3 » 12 Jan 2016, 09:24

I agree and I'm sorry you spent so many diamonds :( I usually feel very sad when I accidentally spend them on lucky cards, they should put -are you sure- window there too.
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