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Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2019, 21:15
by Roxxanna
Idk how this is related at all, but I’d just like to share it so everyone can laugh till their noses give up haha...
This was on dec 29 2018, when the junior class 11 gave a farewell to the senior outgoing class 12.

I’m the one in the blue. Songs are a mix of Indian and Spanish I think? Idk
Dance is a mix of whatever me and my friend could do haha even hype from fort nite lol

Have fun, :D

P.S.- credits to Veronica for finding me Vimeo.

Re: Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2019, 22:25
by Wax Storm
You're so skinny!!

Re: Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 09 Jan 2019, 22:29
by Roxxanna
Lol I’m sorry I didn’t turn out to be like you had pictured me haha...
BUT I HAVE ABS. yea. Not kidding. And I’m 16 jeez I don’t wanna be too broad...

Re: Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2019, 08:47
by studyabroadlife
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Re: Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2019, 09:15
by Roxxanna
Oh, good to know, I guess?

Re: Abhi. Dancing.

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2019, 05:03
by Gaia
:lol: interesting comments.

My older brother is skinny too, he is trying to gain weight but it’s not so easy. He goes to the gym a lot and takes weightlifting classes at the high school, so he also has developed some abs of his own. Back home in Brazil my brothers used to do judô, so that helped them develop a fit body for their age. My younger brother doesn’t care much about gaining abs/muscles, but he does enjoy other athletic activities like track and field and soccer.

As for me, I used to do ballet and gymnastics, so dancing was always one of my fav things to do. Nowadays I don’t exercise so much though, the most I do is stretching and that’s because it’s part of my yoga/meditation routine. I regularly meditate to relieve the stress from all the school work I have going on in my life ^-^ my teachers love giving hw.

So yeah, great dance moves Abhi!

Take care everyone! :)