Ȓǝdǝfinǝd - Sig&Avi freebies

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Ȓǝdǝfinǝd - Sig&Avi freebies

Postby Lizzie » 18 Dec 2017, 03:30


For information on the status of this thread, please check the updates section. Click one of the tabs below to get started!

Rules and Updates : 
Hello,I'm Lizzie and I make graphics.
It's been a hobby of mine for a while and it's something that I do to provide people with something that they like. I just enjoy it. That said, this is my first post on LadyPopular (thanks ClaudiaM25 for saying yes!) and I'm not sure what everyone likes... so feel free to request a person!
Below you'll find rules, updates and two types of freebies - sets(avi and sig with the same style scheme/colors) and solo(just avis or sigs, not matching). I'm picky when it comes to personalized graphics but I may give it a try.

1. Do not use these anywhere but LadyPopular. They are freebies that are purely for this site and this site only.
2. Only claim 1 set or 2 solo graphics at a time. I appreciate your excitement and appreciation,
but leave some for others, please! ♥
3. Please be kind, courteous and respectful! Zero hate here. ♥
4. Please take full sets if you're interested in just the avi or sig, even if you don't plan on using both parts. I put a lot of work into the sets. If you'd like me to make you an avi/sig that looks like one in a set then use the forms below!
5. Please let me know you've claimed something by posting a comment on this thread, telling me what you've taken. This will keep others from using the same set and encourage me to make more. ♥
6. Linking back and crediting me is optional, but you are NOT allowed to claim you made these graphics. That is stealing.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 - Thread created and OPEN. Have fun and please follow the rules! Thank you. :D [/b]
Freebies and Forms : Image
Featuring BTS, 2ne1, Beyonce, Riverdale, Rita Ora, Selena Quintanilla Perez, Selena Gomez and Yara Shahidi. More to come

Featuring Suga and V(BTS) and Dior.

Claims, Orders, Requests.

Code: Select all
[font=Curlz MT][size=150]Claiming![/size][/font]
[b]Set or Solo?[/b] Pick One
[b]Which ones?[/b] Say the celebity (and colors used if there's multiple)

Code: Select all
[font=Curlz MT][size=150]Requesting![/size][/font]
[b]Celebrity or Theme:[/b] Like Gwen Stefani, Cats or Aliens. Whatever you'd like to see.
[b]Links to a few pictures:[/b] (Optional)

Code: Select all
[font=Curlz MT][size=150]Ordering![/size][/font]
[b]Celebrity or Theme:[/b] Like Gwen Stefani, Cats or Aliens. Whatever you'd like to see.
[b]Colors/Style:[/b] A color or two that you'd really like and a style. Like 'Orange, futuristic' or 'Pink, Cherry Blossom'.
[b]Text or no text?[/b] IF YES, please say what you'd like the text to say. Like 'Yes. 'Over the Rainbow' please.'
[b]Links to a few pictures:[/b] (Optional)

I make things. My Freebies & My Lady

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