Event: City of shadows

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Event: City of shadows

Postby natalia_ua » 19 Nov 2013, 16:43

Dear Ladies,

Welcome to the City of Shadows!
Enter the City of Shadows where you will find a supernatural hunter on the city's entrance! A magic walk with the hunter through the city can bring you wonderful rewards!
In order to move, the hunter needs magic pens which will be used to roll the dice - the number on the dice will show the hunter the amount of steps it has to take. You can use the lucky dice, too, in order to select the desired amount of steps your hunter has to take. Note that the hunter can move forwards only.
You start your walk with 5 free magic pens. Every day until the end of the event you will be rewarded with 1 magic pen upon your first log in the game which will be added to the total amount of magic pens you have.
While you're walking, you will find 4 magic portals. The magic portals hide treasure chests and great rewards! In the magic portals you can win parts of amazing outfits and unique henna tattoos. To enter a magic portal the hunter must be right on its entrance.
If you have missed some of the treasure chests in the magic portals and you haven't collected all the unique items hidden there, don't worry - you have the option to return to the magic portal's entrance and explore it again.
When you explore the 4 magic portals and collect all unique items, you will be rewarded with a smashing background for your profile which will remind you for your unique experience in the City of Shadows!
Remember that you may have some difficulties on your way through the City of Shadows which you should overcome.
Meet the hunter and reveal the secrets of the City of Shadows!
The City of Shadows event will be available for all of you from 19.11.2013 to 03.12.2013!
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Re: Event: City of shadows

Postby Selendra » 03 Dec 2013, 16:04

I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting here - I completed the event, got everything and it displayed Event Finished or something similar and I can't find my background from my apartment (views).

Lady Selendra

Thank you
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