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Event: Halloween gifts

PostPosted: 24 Oct 2013, 13:55
by natalia_ua
Dear Ladies,

Get ready for the most exciting Halloween event!
From 24.10.2013 to 07.11.2013 you have the unique chance to buy special Halloween gifts! They will bring you wonderful rewards which will help you prepare yourselves for the Halloween party!
Find the special Halloween store and purchase gifts for your unforgettable Halloween!
There are 3 gift types - small, medium, and big. Every gift can bring you amazing rewards:

marvelous Halloween clothing items
amazing Halloween background for your profile
special Halloween carriage
If you are lucky and get the carriage, you should know that:

every day you can get points and dollars from your carriage
in order to get your daily bonus, just go to My lady > My cars and click the "Get bonus" button
All gifts can be purchased either with pumpkins (which you have to carve) or with diamonds (or a combination if you don't have enough pumpkins). If you equip yourself with a knife and a candle, you will carve the pumpkins faster and lower the risk of ruining them. You can carve more pumpkins simultaneously.
Convert pumpkins into Halloween gifts and prepare yourself for your spooky Halloween night. Remember that all purchased gifts can be opened after 31.10.2013.

There are 3 things you should remember:

You can collect pumpkins from 24.10.2013 to 06.11.2013.
You can purchase gifts from 24.10.2013 to 07.11.2013.
You can open your gifts from 31.10.2013 to 07.11.2013.
Note that in the beginning of this special event, the price for all gifts will be with a discount which will be available until 31.10.2013, 13:00 CET!

Hurry up and purchase as many gifts as you can so you could increase your chances for countless wonderful rewards!
We wish you all an exciting spooky Halloween!