Event: Prom gifts

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Event: Prom gifts

Postby natalia_ua » 14 May 2013, 16:32

Dear Ladies,
In the season of proms we invite you to become part of the most attractive and unforgettable event in Lady Popular -Prom gifts!
From 14.05.2013 to 28.05.2013 you have the unique chance to buy special Prom gifts! They will bring you wonderful rewards which will help you live your unforgettable Prom!
There are 3 gift types - small, medium, and big. Every gift can bring you amazing clothing items, unique hairstyles or even a luxury car for your Prom night!
If you are lucky and get the car, you should know that:
every day you can get points and dollars from your car
in order to get your daily bonus, just go to My lady > My cars and click the "Get bonus" button
you can place your car in your home's garden (or any other room )
other ladies can see your car in your Profile > Cars
All gifts can be purchased either with balloons or with diamonds (or combination if you don't have enough balloons).
Collect balloons and buy Prom gifts. If you equip yourself with inflater and thread, you will inflate balloons faster and lower the risk of bursting them while tying them up.
You can inflate more balloons simultaneously.
Remember that all purchased gifts can be opened after 21.05.2013.
There are 3 things you should remember:
You can collect balloons from 14.05.2013 to 27.05.2013.
You can purchase gifts from 14.05.2013 to 28.05.2013.
You can open your gifts from 21.05.2013 to 28.05.2013.
Note that in the beginning of this special event, the price for all gifts will be with a discount which will be available until 21.05.2013!
Hurry up and purchase as many gifts as you can so you could increase your chances for countless wonderful rewards!

Live your dream Prom!
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Re: Event: Prom gifts

Postby Pretty_Sanjana » 25 Jun 2016, 11:30

Thankyou so much!!
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