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Postby natalia_ua » 16 Oct 2012, 13:47

Dear Ladies,

You know that every year as the night of Halloween is coming, strange and scary things are about to happen.
A mysterious labyrinth was found - no one knows where it comes from, or what happens in there. Rumors say there is a creature, which is under an evil spell, living in the labyrinth for years, trying to find the way out and break the spell. They say the creature looks like a spider and could be dangerous. The legend says that the creature used to be a cute puppy, escaped from its owner - a evil witch who has never loved it and has been practicing her magic skills over it.
Your task is to enter the Halloween labyrinth and help the spider find the way out of the labyrinth. You will meet different obstacles and it is possible to enter smaller labyrinths. Everything you find in the labyrinths remains for you and you could find it in your wardrobe!
When you find all parts hidden in all of the labyrinths, you will find the exit of the labyrinth, the spell will break, the spider will turn back into a puppy and it will remain next to you forever!
To enter each of the smaller labyrinths you must be right on its entrance. Don't be afraid and enter the labyrinths! Find all the great rewards hidden there!
If you have missed some of the fields in the labyrinth and haven't collected all the parts of the outfit hidden there, don't worry - you have the option to return to the labyrinth's entrance and explore it again.
In order to move, you need a pumpkin which will be used to roll a dice - the number on the dice will tell the spider the amount of steps it has to take. You can use the lucky dice, too, in order to select the desired amount of steps your spider has to take. The spider can move forward only.
You start the adventure with 5 free pumpkins. Every day until the end of the Halloween adventure you will be rewarded with 1 pumpkin upon your first log in the game which will be added to the total amount of pumpkins you have.
The Halloween labyrinth will be available for all of you from 16.10.2012 to 02.11.2012!

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