Event: Acorn Isle

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Event: Acorn Isle

Postby natalia_ua » 19 Jul 2012, 15:23


Dear Ladies,

We invite you to take part in the brand new adventure - Acorn Isle!
Hundreds of years ago, in the prehistoric times, there was a prehistoric little squirrel trying to find an isle hidden somewhere in the icy world - the Acorn Isle where the squirrel would be the happiest one in the world. And this is how the adventure started. Help the little squirrel to find the Acorn Isleand you can live the unique prehistoric times and win great rewards!
You will find the squirrel in the beginning of its adventure. In order to move, the squirrel needs an acorn which will be used to roll a dice - the number on the dice will tell the squirrel the amount of steps it has to take. You can use the lucky dice, too, in order to select the desired amount of steps your squirrel has to take. The squirrel can move forwards only.
You start the adventure with 5 free acorns. Every day until the end of the adventure you will be rewarded with 1 acorn upon your first log in the game which will be added to the total amount of acorns you have.
On the road to the Acorn Isle, you will find 4 different caves full of surprises - unique prehistoric outfits. To enter each of the caves you must be right on its entrance. Don't be afraid and enter the caves! Find all the great rewards hidden there!
If you have missed some of the fields in the cave and haven't collected all the parts of the outfit hidden there, don't worry - you have the option to return to the cave's entrance and explore it again.
When you explore the 4 caves and collect all parts of the outfits, you will find a road to the Acorn Isle! And the squirrel will remain with your lady as her pet thankful for your efforts and help!
On the Acorn Isle, you will find a special bonus cave where you can get special prehistoric furniture for your apartment and unique clothes for your new pet!
Remember that the road to the Acorn Isle is hard and you can meet some difficulties such as lakes and mountains which the squirrel has to jump over.
Help the little squirrel find the way to the Acorn Isle and dive into the prehistoric ages of adventures!

The Acorn Isle will be available for all of you fro
m 19.07.2012 to 02.08.2012!
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