I signed up with Facebook but....amonds

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I signed up with Facebook but....amonds

Postby Shai-Shar » 02 Jun 2016, 22:15

So I started the game from Facebook(FB) apps and apparently I am missing out bc of it, bc I don't get the offers in the V.I.P shop like others who went to lady Popular.com to play! I saw a announcement the game made saying there is a new hair style for sale in the V.I.P shop under> get more diamonds>special offers but that it wasn't available to Facebook players :( So that made me wonder what I was missing playing on my FB linked account, I went to ladypopular.com and tried to log in there but it said it couldn't find a user with my name (I did however realize I could log in with my FB there so now at least I get the game full screen) So I made a new account on Ladypopular.com just to see what I was missing and sure enough I am missing a lot of good stuff! So what can I do to get my FB linked account swiched over so I can get all the offers in the V.I.P shop? :mellow:

I don't want to start all over bc my Lady is level 32 and I had put money into my account already :( :mellow: If a mod on the forum can point me to whoever can help with this I would so appreciate it!! :smile:

Thanks for reading ladys,
Shai-Shar :smile:

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