Introduction and Nail Art questions

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Introduction and Nail Art questions

Postby Empathy » 06 Feb 2018, 07:31


Greetings from Peoria, Arizona. I'm new to these forums.

I like to do my own nail art as a hobby but I'm not very good nor connected to a community that can help me. I hope that I can meet others with this hobby on this forum. I've been doing my own acrylic nails for about a year now, and have the monomer and powder at home. I try to do some stamping and marble water art. Sometimes my nails come out well and sometimes they don't. I am trying to improve my technique and get more recommendations and tips.

To start, here are some specific questions that I have that I hope some of you can help me with.

1) I don't really use a machine to file/buff, I just use disposable emery boards. Nail dust gets everywhere though and I usually file/buff my nails when I'm at the computer doing other stuff, and I worry that in addition to the dust getting everywhere (surfaces, papers, blinds), it might also get into, and ruin, my computer or printer. When my emery boards get full of dust I usually use a compressed air can to clean them, which adds to the problem as it releases the dust everywhere in my office. Is there anything I could do to still file/buff my nails at the computer but limit the amount of dust that gets released?

2) As an unlicensed person who is just doing nail art as a hobby, where can I get a nice nail brush to apply the acrylic with like the kind that techs use in the salons? I can't seem to find anything good on Amazon and all the brushes I seem to find to buy at stores or online that I have access to buying are the kind that are not really for acrylic nail art, and die pretty quick. They either get acrylic caked up in the base of the brush and the hairs stick out in a million directions, or the bristles fall out, etc.

3) Kind of following up on question 2, is there brush cleaner I could use, and what would you recommend, for cleaning brushes after I apply acrylic to my nails? Typically I just soak them in acetone but this might not be the best method.

4) I got a nice crafting table from Amazon that I plan to use when I do nail art, however, I want to protect the surface from harsh chemicals and polish. I tried a few shelf liners with adhesive but they melt in contact with acetone :(. Right now I have aluminum foil taped to the table but it's not ideal. It rips easily, it's noisy, and it glares. Is there a liner I could use, preferably just white so I can easily work with colors, that has its own adhesive, and that doesn't melt if I spill acetone on it?

5) I would like to find more options for lint free nail wipes. So far I use OPI ones that I order off Amazon but they ship from China and take forever to arrive. Are there other options for lint free nail wipes?

Thanks much!!
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