When is the best time for fruit and vegetable juice?

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When is the best time for fruit and vegetable juice?

Postby newlytoupee.com » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:12 pm

First, fasting in the morning should not drink fruit and vegetable juice.
After a night's sleep, the body's blood viscosity increases. So nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water in the morning to dilute the body fluids. But if this time to drink fruit juice, not only can not play the role of diluted body fluid, but also increase the burden on the stomach.
Two. The best time to have fruit and vegetable juice is in the morning.
Busy white-collar workers, the most confused moment than in the morning, so many white-collar breakfast is to deal with one, and even do not eat. This leads to a large body of vitamin deficiencies at this time of the day. At the end of a morning after work, drink a cup of juice, or add energy, also added vitamin.
Three. Drink fruit and vegetable juice at a meal
Since people seldom eat vegetables and fruits in general breakfast, it is a good habit to drink a fresh juice or pure fruit juice in the morning to supplement the water and nutrition needed by the body. Unfortunately, people often drink a glass of milk and can't drink anything else. It should be noted that when fasting, do not drink high acidity juice, first eat some staple food, drink more, so as not to upset the stomach. Whether it's fresh fruit juice, pure fruit juice or fruit juice, try to drink less at lunch and dinner. But except for breakfast, it's good to drink juice between the two meals.
We should drink health drink, health drink to drink, so we must pay attention to the timing of the fruit and vegetable juice drink, when it is not appropriate to drink, but not a waste, or even harmful to the body. You can drink it at breakfast, but don't drink it after getting up and don't drink it on an empty stomach. Don't drink the fruit and vegetable juice with the milk.
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Re: When is the best time for fruit and vegetable juice?

Postby jessyko » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:17 am

nice advice, thank you! I never knew it's not healthy to drink juice int he morning :blink:
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