What is good for the hair?

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What is good for the hair?

Postby newlytoupee.com » 02 Jul 2017, 09:22

What is good for the hair? Hair is a woman's baby, a healthy and beautiful hair can not only make you add luster, it is a healthy performance. A person's hair is good or bad, to a certain extent, reflects the nutritional status of the human body. In addition to physiological aging caused by changes in hair, the hair is generally considered thick, black, shiny, indicating good nutritional status. On the contrary, the hair sparse, yellow, dull, and a lot of off, broken, it is poor nutrition performance. This naturally can not be separated from the balanced diet.

1, rich in protein food

The main body of the hair is a keratinized protein, taking a full amount of protein every day is good for hair growth. Fish, meat, eggs, soy products, milk, etc., these rich protein food, digestion and absorption through the gastrointestinal can form a variety of amino acids, into the blood, the white hair root hair papilla absorption and synthesis of keratin, And then after the keratinization, is our hair.

2, rich in vitamin B, C food

Vitamin C 'can activate the microvascular wall, so that the hair can be successfully absorbed in the blood of nutrients, and vitamin B is to promote hair growth, so that the hair is now natural luster effect. Often eat more than such as malt and other vitamins B and vitamin C fresh vegetables and fruits, the hair to restore health to choose a multiplier effect.

3, soy products

Protein is the basis of hair, but many women because of weight loss, often intake of very little meat, eggs and other high protein foods, so the hair growth is slow, scarce, and soy products is not only effective to add protein and not fat the most Good choice.

4, glial food

Colloidal food is not only good for the skin, but also can increase the toughness of the hair, so that the hair looks more dense.

5, iodine-rich foods

Hair gloss is due to the role of the body of thyroid hormone to form, and kelp in the iodine is very rich, this element is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine in vivo. In addition, kelp also has a wealth of calcium, sulfur, iron and vitamin B. Therefore, eat kelp, the growth of hair, moisture, Wu Liang have a special effect.
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Re: What is good for the hair?

Postby marehan1 » 02 Aug 2017, 16:48

nice , thank you!
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Re: What is good for the hair?

Postby AddiePost » 03 Jan 2018, 11:53

Very nice. Thank you.
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