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Re: Angels vs. Demons

Postby shanu31 » 12 Jun 2019, 11:56

NIce game..!!
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Re: Angels vs. Demons

Postby Mint-Chocolate » 22 Oct 2019, 01:42

Sorry, demon here...hehe..
Alicia went to the market to buy a dozen apples. Once she got to the market all the apples are gone. She has to go in the pooring rain to go to the other market to get apples. As she was walking to get there, she slipped on a muddy spot and fell butt first into the grass next to the pavement, her basket landing some feet away, and she dropped her purse, too.
She was picked up by two boys, one picked up her and the other gathered her things. They lived right next door with their parents and ten sisters, and were returning from the market with the unsold apples. Mother Baer gave her one of their daughters' skirt so that she wouldn't walk aroud wiith muddy butt, and Father Baer, when he heard what Alicia was going to buy, has sold her their best apples on the spot and dove her home. There she made him some tea and her father became good friends with Father Baer.
Alicia went to school the next day were she failed a very important test. Her dad was very strict on grades and knew she would be grounded. Finally she decided to go to her new friends, the Baers to get some advice as she trusted their wisdom. But on her way to the house, a large stray dog got in her way and when it sniffed the presence of poor Alicia, it started barking angrily at her. Alicia was very afraid of dogs and now as the creature got closer and closer to her, her legs were shaking and she dared not run as she knew it would further anger the dog. Now she was completely clueless what to do. Fortunately for Alice, she found a piece of bread that she was going to give to her new friends, the Baers, and threw it towards the dog. As the dog devoured the food, Alice used this distraction to run away as fast as she could. She then reached the Baers house, where she was offered a delicious soup and help with the material of the test that she had recently failed. Just then, the dog broke in, with a pack of other dogs. Scary they were, and they started knocking things over, biting at the cushions and chairs. They then surrounded Alicia and the Baers.
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