Make a wish now....

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Make a wish now....

Postby cutybeauty713 » 21 Dec 2017, 14:02

Hello everyone!! We all have a number of wishes in our life :) and we really want to full fill them..Imagine a fairy has came to you and she would fulfill any wish you grant..What would you wish for??Is that a magical power or something else???Let share your views on this topic and the person who wish will be liked by more people would win..Let start!! :lol:
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Re: Make a wish now....

Postby Lucifer » 31 Jan 2018, 23:46

I would like to wish peace. Peace with everyone that hurt my feeling and with everyone whose feelings I hurt.
I don't want to fight against someone, no more! :sad: I lost so much trying to be the worse one in every situation <_<

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Re: Make a wish now....

Postby Naya_Adley » 01 Feb 2018, 01:00

1) Immortality and the ability to indefinitely keep my body in perfect shape at any given age.
2) Live in a world of fiction - Harry Potter, the 100, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Pokémon. Swords arts online, etc..
3) End world Poverty/War
4) Find cure for cancer

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