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Mystique open enrollment

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2016, 04:14
by Shai-Shar
Hello ladys, My club is looking for new active members! we are called Mystique! We are a vary friendly bunch of girls who help each other out in anyway we can, If you are looking for a club or are unsure if joining a club is right for you, please look us up and message our leader cristina.yang with any questions you might have :smile: Having a club to back you up is essential in this game! Also you will get a jump in your popularity and other bonuses for joining! The only requirement is donating 2 emeralds to the club daily (if you cant be there daily you can play catch up when you are online=) Also participating in the fashion show as much as you can is of benefit to you and the club too! (For the fashion show you only have to click a object on the runway so its easy to do!!) :smile: Hope you come join us soon!!

Shai-Shar :smile:

Re: Mystique open enrollment

PostPosted: 27 Jul 2016, 18:18
by ladyxenia
owww if you dont mind I will message you in game! x sounds good