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POLL! Holidays!!! What is your favorite holiday?

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2012, 09:10
by Turbs2796
Hey everyone!! Well, as you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up!!! :eek: Super Duper excited!! So here tell me what your favorite holiday is, why you love it, what is a family tradition or if you dont have a tradition just tell us what you do for fun:), and where you spend your holidays sometimes or if you have a new spot tell us that too:)

I'll go first!

Well, my favorite holiday is Christmas! I love it because I love spending time with my moms side of the family when we all get together and have dinner together at my Gramma's house, and sometimes my mom and I go on a cruise for Christmas because my mom doesn't like the holidays :cursing: I dont know why! Shes cray cray:)

Re: Holidays!!!

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2012, 09:24
by Arzosah
Moved this topic to 'OffTopic' as it's not really game related :)

My favourite holiday is Easter, just because it's the longest public holiday period in Australia, always being 4 days in a row. Plus, CHOCOLATE! :D